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Budapest Vacation


Szabolcs Farkas


Logo Design, Business Card, Brochure



Budapest Vacation is a company that organizes quality tours. Szabolcs’s goal is to organise group tours, where participants can get acquainted with the hidden faces of Budapest and are full of rich memories of the city when they return home. When making the design, it was a prerequisite to apply a clear, minimalistic style and a logo which consisted of other than typographic elements.

Colors of the logo

BPV Green
BPV Gray

Guided tours in Budapest, Hungary.

The logo was inspired by the well-known coat of arms of Budapest. In the middle of the“coat of arms”,
rethought with minimalistic shapes, one can find a domed building, guarded by the city's tour guides.

Modern coat of arms effect, elegant radiance...

I had the chance to design the leaflets of one of the personalized Art Nouveau tours. The client envisioned a clear, easy-to-read Art Deco style design, rich in colors and images. He also insisted that the image of the Hungarian State Treasury decorated the front page of his leaflet.