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Cafe Alessio - Plan


Alessio Kft.


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Alessio, a homely café and restaurant with Italian cuisine, which is located in Pasarét, on the site of the Alex patisserie. If you're here, you'll find Italian sweets, cakes, as well as your own made pasta and pizza. If you're looking for real Italian flavors on the menu at Alessio Restaurant, you'll find something to come back for. Fish crabs, mussels, lamb, and veal liver, as we experience in typical Small Guests in Italy.

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A Grey
A claret

In addition to Italian flavours, there are delicious gourmet dishes.

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You can take the pizza and cakes, who want to dazzle their people, who don't have time to come to Alessio, you can also order for home. Alessio provides a homely environment for family lunches, dinners and business meetings. Early rises are served with Italian coffee and a fresh Mediterranean breakfast.

Home delivery and online payment are also available.

Alessio also offers a daily menu, and there is also a separate menu for children, which can be ordered at a cheaper price. From 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., home delivery is available from I, II, XII. In the first place, the commission shall, in Districts, but also Nagykovácsi, Budakeszi and Solymár.

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