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The Balkan Call association was formed in 2011 from the Experience Balkan group of friends. The members are bound together by the love of Balkan culture and curiosity. Their aim is to get to know as many Balkan countries as possible and to reach states where balkan peoples live. In Hungary, walks are organized to settlements where minority cultures and traditions are still present. Besides, they are interested in all destinations outside the Balkans where there is no tourists.

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The Balkans have many miracles
to discover.

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Association for companies, closed groups, groups of friends (regardless of number) on individual orders, as a special program it offers the following services: gastronomic walks, intercultural and musical evenings, team building programs, weekends of experience...

Explore the 1,000-face of Balkans!

It's just an arm's length away, often in a pejorative sense, and it has a myriad of beauties, what could it be? Of course, the Balkans, which is now one of the most developing regions in the world.

Their aim is to learn about the cultures of the Balkan and Caucasus peoples, to cultivate minority cultures, to strengthen friendships between peoples and international relations. During their programmes abroad, they also often meet Hungarians living in sporadic areas, e.g. kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Moldova, etc.