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Housing Budapest


Housing Budapest


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Google Maps

Housing Budapest is a free apartment searching service, especially for the present and future students of the Semmelweis University.

Based on the user experience and the performance of the site, the goal was to make the page more transparent and easier to manage, making it more functional. I have rethought and redeveloped the company’s old web site, then completed it with a custom-developed property search system, which is connected to Google Maps.

UI colors

HB Green
HB Gray

A uniquely developed, Google Maps-based real estate search system.

Mobilbarát webdesign

With the help of the above mentioned search system, the desired property can be found in no time. By pressing the button “detailed search”, we can filter among the properties by categories and on the map at the same time.

Get in contact if You've found the proper lodgings.

Each apartment can be found on google maps, which makes it easy to find out what restaurants are nearby and how far away your chosen apartment is from the university.

It was important that the web site would be transparent and easily read on a mobile phone as well.
Thanks to the clear appearance and precisely thought out layout, the information found in the descriptions is easily understandable for the visitors.

To go with the new web site, a new business card was also needed, which reflected the image of the company.
A well-made business card is half way to success, as your business partners will take you more seriously.