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Magic Chimney


Jozef Csontos


Logo design


Street Food

Magic Chimney started out from a street food car in Berlin in 2019; the main offer is still the” kürtöskalács” (the chimney cake). However, they aim to offer “lángos” (scone, or flat bread dough) and other Hungarian food as well in the future.

The client finds the typical chimney cake logos so outdated, that instead he opted for a clear-cut design, without a chimney cake. “The name of our company against a white background, spiced with a bit ofHungarian motif, which is easy to digest.”

Colors of the logo

MC Grey
MC Red

Hungarian chimney cake conquers the streets of Berlin.

The main motif of the logo is the “handwritten”, stylised Chimney Magic, which is easy to read also in small size. The Hungarian motif is symbolised with the combination of the “matyó” embroidery and the little bird, well known from Hungarian folk tales.